Jumble Trail UK

Jumble: an odd assorment of unconnected things

Trail: a path or route

So what exactly is a Jumble Trail: well its a cross between a Car Boot sale and a local adventure!. Local people get together and all have a garage sale / house clearance on the same day; you get to travel around the area and meet all these lovely people, grab some bargains and maybe see some places you didn’t know about in your local area.

We help to organise, coordinate and promote trails on behalf of local communities, bring local people closer together (but still 2m apart…), provide fun-filled days for both buyers and sellers and perhaps most importantly, keep useable items out of landfill.

As a seller, we think that a Jumble Trail is waaaaay better than a car boot sale. No packing the car the night before, no getting up at silly-o-clock in the morning, take it in shifts to man the stall and if it doesn’t sell then you can leave it out for the charity vans or just put it back where it came from.

Likewise as a buyer we like them too. You get a wider range of goods as most people are limited to what they can take to a car boot, happier sellers because they had a good nights sleep and less pressure to get there early to ‘get the good stuff’ because all buyers will start at a different place on the map.

Sellers register on the site and we provide a map with all of the registered locations. You can download the map and list of seller addresses as a PDF (mobile app coming soon!) Each sale also has a facebook group where we can collect stories and photos of the day.

Here is a list of our upcoming events:

St. Albans (South)

St. Albans Villages (South)

Heathcote and Warwick Gates

Whitnash and Tachbrook

Bowbrook/Copthorne/Gains Park/Bicton (Shrewsbury) 6th June