Whitnash Jumble Trail

Whitnash Jumble Trail

Sunday 19th September 2021

  • Complete the form below to confirm you want to take part
  • Spread the word
  • On the day, simply set up your unwanted items in your garden
  • Core times for the event are 10AM to 3PM but you can vary to suit your needs
  • If you can’t join us as a Trail Stop, why not have a wander around as a Trail Hunter

Come and join us for a jumble trail adventure on the streets of Whitnash on Sunday the 19th September 2021. Register as a seller and clear the clutter or follow along as a Hunter and grab yourself a bargain.

Its all about community
We want to get as many people involved as we can so it is important to spread the word. Registering as a Hunter will show potential Trail Stops that there is suffient interest and likewise, register as a Stop so that we can encourage the wider community from the surrounding ares to come and take part.

We would also reccomend that you visit our facebook page here: to join in the conversation

It is free to register as a Hunter and just £4.99 to get yourself on the map as a Trail Stop.

So far we have the following numbers of registered buyers and sellers.

Buyers: 56

Sellers: 23

3 thoughts on “Whitnash Jumble Trail

  1. Please will you mention to the people attending your jumble trail in cars, not to block residents drive ways. As the last one you ran I was unable to leave my property because of people parking in considerately across my drive. This would be much appreciated thankyou.

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